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Thank you David Minkoff for your jokes. I am not Jewish, but have laughed my socks off  at some of the jokes. Having a bad day? Laugh it off! Sorry I can't contribute, but you are doing very well without me. Thanks again.
[Richard B, UK]

Very funny…well done
[Ruben C]

Thank you very much. Much appreciated. Love your jokes. Thanking you. Best regards
[Jonathan S, Cape Town]

Dear David, I am embarrassed. Somehow, I missed your email until today! Great to get some jokes (163rd set) just before Shabbat. Thanks again! Keep up the good work.
[Frank S, Toronto, Canada]

Dear David, Chag Samayach! Great Pesach relief! (your 162nd set of jokes) Be well.
[Frank S, Toronto, Canada]

Yep, your website is up and running, thanks!  May G-d Bless you for all the joy you bring people by making these jokes available.
[Mr H]

Dear David You will be pleased to know that your site is now back! And I think a lot of other people will be also. I know I am. Many thanks to you for it.
[Clive T]

Thx, David... always enjoy it (your website)
[David B M, USA].

It's a better version of the joke than mine! Thanks! It’s a great site; I’ve sent links to the whole family. All the best.
[Rafi, Columbia, USA]

Dear David, Thank you very much (re 147th set of jokes). Some nice warm humour on a cold day! All the best
[Frank Samuels, Toronto, Canada]

Always appreciate it! (re next set of jokes). Thanks for bringing joy!
[Ari S, South Carolina, USA]

Dear David, Once again a great thanks (re 147th set of jokes). Most of all for #2358: 'Some more Jewish Proverbs and Sayings!' And the others of course. Warmest regards.
[Zak, Athens, Greece]

Dear David, Top form! Thanks.
[Frank S]

Good morning David, This is fantastic!  Thank you so much!  I look forward to checking out more of your website. Look at ME!!!  I’m published!!!
Not to let it go to my head, but if I had been old enough 40 years ago, Mel Brooks would have put me in "Blazing Saddles" maybe?  A boy can dream…I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend. All the best,

Hi David, Great to hear from you. Keep those jokes coming, we all need a laugh these days. Regards,

Dear David, Thank you for your prompt reply to my email. I live on the east coast and 2 of my great grandchildren live on the west coast.  They are 7 and 10 years old.  They love receiving mail from me and I know that they will enjoy one of your jokes with each email.  I'm a big baby and enjoy some off these myself.  You are so kind and I do thank you. 
[Ruth O]

Dear David. Many thanks for your jokes - I really appreciate the time and trouble you take to keep so many people smiling.
[Judy S, Aosta, Italy]

Dear David, I enjoyed your current roster; you are on a roll. Best wishes for deep laughs,
[Dave R, Minnesota, USA]

Dear David, If you ask me to tell you a joke… I can’t think of a single story.  If you tell me a joke, then that triggers my memory of two or three others.  So it was when I was reading your newest group.

Hello David, Thank you for keeping us happy and smiling all year round!  Ktiva ve'Chatima Tova, may Hashem continue granting you a world full of laughs and peace of mind!  Kol Tuv
[Joe D]

Dear David, What a beautiful story (154th set, joke #2420)! May it always work for us all! Ketiva vachatima tova and I look forward to another year full of humour and insight from you.
[Rabbi L, UK]

Hi David, Thank you, these were very, very funny this time. Loved the British Airways one and the Satan one was Brill. Sometimes the short jokes are the funniest. Shalom & Good Shabbat.
[April, Florida, USA]

Thanks David.  I always look forward to each new batch.
[Hap H, Texas, USA]

Dear David  Just wanted to congratulate you and express my thanks for your Jewish jokes available on your site. Thank you
[Jonathan S, South Africa]

Dear David, Thank you so much for taking the time, in your busy life, to reply to my e-mail. I enjoyed the jokes you sent, especially the one about the yenta.  We all know them !  I am so glad to have `discovered` your book and your website.  Any time I'm feeling a bit down I know where to go to be cheered up.  I feel sure I'll be able to get your first book, but if I can't - thank you for your offer. I think my son (also called David) will be interested, too.
[Margaret W, UK]

Dear David, I'm enjoying your book The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes. The book is wonderful. Best regards,
[Harvey R, Key Biscayne, Florida, USA]

David, Thank you very much for the jokes. I love your books and your jokes.  
[Rabbi Jonathan P, USA]

Dear David, I'm enjoying your book The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes. Your book continues to be wonderful and triggers other jokes I know. You know how often hearing one joke reminds you of another and this is the case with me as I read them.
[Harvey R, Florida, USA]

David, Thank you for your kind words, but it was a pleasure for me. And, by the way, I found your wonderful book of Jewish humor and wisdom, so it was a win-win situation.
[Ilan H, Jerusalem, Israel]

A big Yesher Koach for your amazing work in bringing such joy and laughs to us all and heartfelt blessings from strength to strength.
[R. Yossi O, South Africa]

I've just bought your second book.  Now I shall be looking for the first! Obviously you've got thousands of jokes. Best wishes
[Margaret, Worthington, UK]

Thank you, David.  I always look forward to the new stories. Lots of laughs in this new batch.
[Hap H, Texas, USA]

Hi David. Thanks for sending me the jokes and 'keep em coming.' Just a line about something I am very strong about. As a retired delivery driver, I used to deliver groceries and parcels to Jewish schools and colleges in the north east, and I have always found the Jewish people very polite and humble, plus very friendly. In the sixties, I served in the British army and as I've gotten older, I always watch the films about the Nazis ie Shindlers List, Escape from Sobibor, and others. And to be honest, my heart goes out to the Jewish people who went through that horrible time. But I hope you have all pulled through from those atrocities. I know they will never be forgotten but I wish you all the best and hope you carry on building your race. Take care, David. Nice to hear from you
[John M, UK]

Dear David. Thank you for sending this joke: what an amazing punchline! Have a good Shabbos
[Rabbi L, Edgware, UK]
Thank you David! Great as allways...
[Zak Ch, Athens, Greece]

David, Age is a wonderful thing, isn't it?  Laughing my toches off!!  Thanks yet again David. Keep Well,
[April, Florida, USA]

Hi David  Thanks for the new set. Enjoyed them all. Have a wonderful Pesach.
[Laurence F, USA]

David, another tour de force, especially with needing to laugh! My favorites were the one below and the last one on the page. The others were good for a laugh or three.
[Rev John B, USA]

Dear David, Thanks again! You kept Purim going for another day!!
[Frank S, Toronto, Canada]

Dear David, Every month I look forward to your new postings on awordinyoureye.com. Thank you for the many laughs.
[Ed, Toronto]

Hello David, I've just read through your Jewish jokes on google and thought they were fantastic.
[Bill G, Surrey, UK]

Dear David.  Many thanks for the pleasure you have given and continue to give.
[Ian G, Isle Of Wight]

Shalom David: I want to congratulate you on your fantastic site - great jokes and a very good links page.  I am one of the members of  "Os Raposas". We are a group of Jewish Executives who decided on puting up a Jewish humor show and dedicate 100% of the income to Tzdaka. We perform 10 times per year (once per month out of national  vacation period) and all income goes to the needy, through institutions both in the Jewish as well as the General public. In 11 years doing this, we have been able to donate about $ 1,6 Million US Dollars.  Your site has been one of our sources and we thank you and congratulate you for what you do!  Shalom
[Marcos S, Sao Paulo, Brazil]

Congratulations! We combed through over 2,000 web sites that purport to be funny, but only 133 qualified for inclusion on our new comedy links site, the Journal of LOL. Yours was one of them. Thanks for the laughs!
[Sam Stott, Co-Editor, The Journal of LOL http://www.journaloflol.com/]

Hi David, I don’t think you would know what a blessing your jokes/you are –when I’m low you lift my spirits causing spontaneous chuckles. Here is a big THANK-YOU.
Blessings & Shalom abundantly,
[Yaqirah, Australia]

Thanks David, Hope you & your famly had a nice Chanukah. I made Latkes for my son and his friends, and we are looking forward to Christmas. I loved the naughty joke.
[April, Florida, USA]

Dear David, Thank you!  Christmas has become a lot brighter!
[Frank S, Toronto, Canada]

Thank you, very funny
[Meyer S]

Thanks, David. A nice Jewish joke is the best Christmas gift any Jew can get. (And) Time's running fast. In four short months you'll celebrate your 150th anniversary.
[Boris S, Arkansas, USA]

Happy Chanukah to you and yours. You are doing one terrific job of keeping me informed and helping me to continue my stand-up for my peers......thanks again!
[Estelle S, West Bloomfield, Mi, USA]

Re the 144th set of jokes - These are all great:)  What a wonderful way to start my work day. Thank so much David.
[April, Florida, USA]

Re the 144th set of jokes - Dear David, You da man! Loved this sample! Keep up the irreverent work.
[Frank S, Toronto, Canada]

Dear David. Thank you! (for the 143rd set of jokes). Your timing could not have been better! Rough day coming up - needed a bit of a laugh. Shana Tova to you and your family and everything of the best for a hilarious year. All the best
[Frank S, Toronto, Canada]

Thanks dear David for the latest batch of jokes - I've been chuckling over the air-conditioning one all lunchtime. Warm regards to you too.
[Judy S, Aosta, Italy]

Love your jokes
[Joe D, Sao Paulo, Brazil]

Thanks David again for the wonderful Jewish Jokes. They are the best!
[Abe S]

Thank you dear David - your sweet jokes warmed me up on a very cold (below freezing already) morning. Fondest regards.
[Judy S, Aosta, Italy]

Congratulations on the new set of jokes.
[Lynn F]

Dear David, Your compendium is so vast, it's difficult to find a joke that isn't there.... but I'll keep trying.
[Harvey R, Florida, USA]

I love your site
[Roger S, UK]

Dear David, I only read as far as the "lokshen" with or without "knaidlach", and am still laughing. My best wishes to you for a good year, a chag sameach, and may you continue to make us all smile.
[Eva, Toronto,Canada]

Hi David. Hope you have a Glorious, Happy, Safe, & Healthy New Year. And thanks again for making me laugh with all those grand jokes.
[April, Florida, USA]

David, you have done it again. I really enjoy most every joke that you write up. Just keep up the good work.
[Gary, Florida USA]

Mazel tov David. Thank you for the laughs. Much Jewish humor has a subtlety that adds a tinge of elegance to it. May you be blessed with good health to keep up your wonderful work of making people smile and laugh.
[Asher, W Cornwall, USA]

Thanks again, and for the credit too !!!  Best to you, we need your humor,
[Joe D, Brazil]

David, this is a wonderful site. I love Jewish jokes and friends often say to me "you ought to write them all down." You've done it... and a wonderful job. Thanks for all the laughs.
[Harvey R, Florida, USA]

Thanks for the new jokes. I have recently been in hospital and my Jewish friends brought me in printouts of you last lists, which were much appreciated.
[Graham S. UK]

I enjoy your website a great deal, and I think you carry a lot of weight in the world of Jewish humor,
[Sandor S. USA]

Thanks again! You must work very hard at your collection. Thank you for sharing it so willingly.
[Frank S, Toronto, Canada]

Thanks again for the good moments, David. Re your '140th set of Jewish jokes,' you seem to have an endless stream!!
[Joe D, Brazil]

David I just can't thank you enough for sending these jokes - they're really funny! It really helps me on bad days just to pick one at random.
[Jeff, London]

Hi, I love your site! Great job.
[Dan S, Israel]

........So I had some idea of what to expect on your site. I laughed aloud at so many of your jokes. (Especially the naughty ones).
[Ronald A, USA]

Dear David, I sure enjoyed the current crop of jokes (136th set), thank you.
[Keith R]

That is so kind of you, David and so quick as well! I am incredibly grateful and, would you believe it, I didn’t know a single one of those jokes!  I am definitely going to use a couple of the jokes in the speech and the short sections are perfect for the book I am making.    What an amazing thing you do – so generous with your jokes and your time.  Very best wishes,
[Marie, UK]

I think that you have the funniest jokes that I have ever read. Also, I want you to know that I appreciate the translations you furnish when the jokes contain Yiddish words. Being a Methodist makes understanding Yiddish tough; being a Texan makes even tougher. Thanks for what you do and keep the laughs coming.
[Hap H, Kingwood, Texas, USA]

I constantly point people to your amazingly, funny, beautifully written and grammatically correct site.  You are no doubt one of the few with a great command of the language.

[Ron (only a gentile - but promoted as an honorary member of clan by a great Jewish friend!)]

Dear David. Thank you very much! Your site is realy great! When I`m down because of weather I read your jocks and I`m again well. Warmest regards.
[Zak C, Athens, Greece]

Hi David, I love your website. It is on my list of favorites. I am a senior citizen, a respected lady in my Florida community. Sometimes I am asked to MC events where I tell a joke. You have helped me more than once. Do you have any clean, non-racist, Irish Jewish jokes?  Thanks ever so much for so many hours of happy thoughts.
[Haviva L, Florida, USA]

With best regards to the best site of humour in the whole world
[Zak C, Athens, Greece]

As laughter is the best medicine, may you continue your wellness benefit to the world.
[Sol S, California, USA]

I do like your website a lot and have followed it now for many years. I am now 70 years old and live in the UK, but your Joke Number “(XXX#219)  A more yiddisher version of XXX#143” reminded me of a Joke which I had heard when I was a young boy in my Birth Town of Vienna around the 1950s. (joke supplied). Keep up the good work, because I think: “Any Day with out Love and/or any Day without a Laugh, are both wasted Days!” Best regards
[Harry M, UK]

Hi David, I was sceptical about some of your fans comments, but when I read about the grandma instructing her visitors to use their elbows to call the lift etc, I had to lol. Then when I read it to my wife I could hardly finish it with laughing-really! I'm a gentile by the way.  Thanks for the laughs

XXX#212 is Hilarious. In the US a Fanny is a Tush...but I know what it means in the UK!, AND IT A'NT NO TUSH:::)))
[April, Florida, USA]

Love to laugh with your jokes. I read at least 4/5 pages of your jokes daily. Found them by searching for humor . Cheers and thanks
[Mike C, Ireland]

Dear David, I am a long time gentile reader of your jokes. Some time ago I started to look on line for Jewish Jokes and your site was the best one around and I became a loyal follower.  Keep up the good work !
[O, Florida, USA]

David, I want to thank you for the new array of Jokes.  Many I already use but I have a wealth of new material to pick from.  Thanks again!
[Estelle S, West Bloomfield, Mi, USA]

Love your Jewish jokes.  
Thank you David. I've always been an admirer of Jewish people. I follow most of their early exploits and feel nothing but passionate for them. I used to deliver to Jewish schools and other places and found them a very friendly and forgiving people. So keep up the good work and god bless.
[John M, UK]

David, I have read and reread the book OY and loved it.  I have even made a cartoon of one of my favorites.  Enjoy!
[Glenn F, USA]

David, Thank you for all of the lovely jokes you take so much trouble in sending. Best wishes.
[Jan O]

David, I want to thank you for the new array of Jokes.  Many I already use but I have a wealth of new material to pick from.  Thanks again!
[Estelle S, 
West Bloomfield, Mi, USA]

How kind of you to send me such funny jokes (jokes set 135) just when I was getting fed up with all this festivity nonsense. I enjoyed all of them but the first three were even funnier than the others, especially the one you highlighted in your e-mail. Your site is much appreciated. Thank you for sharing all these gems with everybody - you add so much pleasure to people's lives
[Judy, the Alps]

Thanks for the latest jokes. Joke 2239 - fantastic!
[Graham S, UK]

Hello David!  What a page!!! The Jewish poems and songs of awordinyoureye.com  I love it!  Love it!!!
[Deborah KH]

Thanks again. And I love your site!
[Frank S]

I am sorry to say that "flanken" is not brisket but is actually the meat from the  short ribs of the cow.
[Larry Loois]

David, I love your website.  It is a wonderful source for me personally; I have been doing yiddish stand-up for many years ...... going to senior facilities to elicit a smile or a bit of laughter for the many seniors who have not been as blessed as I have been.  I am 81 years young.  I am still working and going strong!  David,You have done a wonderful thing because there is nothing better than laughter.  Thank you  for your wonderful array of Jewish jokes.  Sincerely,
[Estelle S]

Dear David,  Chodesh Tov ! this is a good starter for Kislev !   Thanks again for the happiness you transmit us.
Best regards,
[Joe, Brazil]

Dear David.  Many thanks for your latest edition of jokes - I shall look forward to reading them and having a good giggle
Fond regards
[Judy S, Aosta, Italy]

Dear David,  Many thanks once again, from one of your non-Jewish friends. My Jewish friends also enjoy them!
Very best regards,

Great job with this, yasher koach. I did think I'd heard them all, but you've given me a new laugh on life. L'shana tova.
[David, Great Neck, NY, USA]

Warm wishes, and appreciation of your tireless efforts to keep people smiling.
[Hilary A, Australia]

Dear David, As usual, you put a smile on my face. May you be blessed with all good things this coming year.
G'mar chatima tova!
[Eva, Canada]

Thanks David, my favorite joke meister. Shana Tova.
[David B, USA]

All too funny. L'Shana Tova to you and your dear ones.
[Lin C, Australia]

Dear David. Thank you for answering me so promptly.
What you sent me is excellent. Thank you so much. My husband conducts minyan a few times a week. Our Chavorah has about 25 people and we meet every 3 months.  We collect some money every meeting and give the money to needy people.
[Sara, Illinois, USA]

I love your jokes. I don't remember how I came across your website, but it has provided endless hours of lunchtime entertainment and alternate laughs / groans amongst my friends and co-workers.  I have even managed to marry someone who shares my sense of humor - your website has contributed to our demise in many many ways!!!! 
[Gina B, Houston, Texas, USA]

David, Thanks for these great jokes.  I am currently sitting down and working on my big high holiday sermons and I wanted to ask the expert. . . do you have any grand slam jewish jokes that you can recommend? I love starting off the high holiday sermons with a knock-out funny joke - it really goes a long way in opening their hearts to a genuine Jewish message.   Looking forward to your input and guidance!         Thanks, your jokes are always so useful!!  Best wishes for a shana Tova!
[Rabbi A.S, USA]

Hi David,  Thank you for these jokes. Really great!  I was wandering if you could help me as I am looking for jokes about gratitude. I am giving a speech on this topic and I would love to include some jokes? I really appreciate your help.
[Matthew, Johannesburg, South Africa]

Dear David.  Thank you for maintaining this website – the jokes are fantastic. I am the president of a small, orthodox synagogue in Melbourne Australia, and we publish a newsletter each Rosh Hashana and Pesach. I would like to find a couple of appropriate jokes to include for this year’s High Holydays and I thought it might be an idea if you could create a section that categorises the jokes according to festivals.
[Alan F, Australia]

David, another tour de force (re 130th set of jokes).
[Rev John B, USA]

David, Thank you (re 130th set of jokes).  You are a treasure. Be well.
[Asher, West Cornwall, USA]

David, Yasher Koach again! (re 130th set of jokes). Looking forward to the next.
[Joe D, Brazil]

Have just visited your site after far-too-long an interval and want to tell you again how much I enjoy it.  Even saw another one of "mine" there .  You have an excellent easy-reading style. Keep up the good work, David, and best wishes.
[Leib F, UK]

Hello.  I like your jokes very much!  Do you have them in Spanish? We are Jewish from Argentina and we have the same humor, with words in yiddish and so on. My brother prefers to read the jokes in Spanish, also my mother. Do you have the same site in Spanish?
Toda and Shalom
[Gaby, Argentina]

Thanks for keeping me smiling.
[George B, Fort Worth, Texas, USA]

I laughed, along with all your fans, at the humor in the latest set of jokes you have brought forward. Thank you for including my joke ideas there, too.
My best wishes for you to stay well and keep swinging,
[Keith R, Minneapolis, USA]

Greetings David, Your website is deliciously funny, I thank you so much for the joy it gives not to mention the serotonin release.
[Yaqirah, Australia]

Love the jokes.
[Morton G, Canada]

Mr. Minkoff,  After reading through (laughing out loud) a couple of your books of Yiddish jokes, I discovered your wonderful "awordinyoureye" website.  I have derived a great deal of pleasure from the site (as does my house-bound, elderly mother, on the days I call her and share a few of my favorite jokes, tales, and folklore from your site).  You have in effect preserved for all posterity, precious, non-renewable wit, wisdom, folklore, history, and "the Jewishness" (is that a word?) which often defines and provides insights into the mindset of the Jews (which non-Jews hopefully will learn and understand).  I read where the european (Ashkenazim) works and contributions to culture were in fact disappearing so quickly (for many reasons) that there are ongoing efforts to literally put the material into preservable media - as if a patient were dying.  You can see how whether or not intended, you have been a great help in this effort.
[Marc G, USA]

David,  Hope you had a zissen Pesach.  Thank you for the 127th set of Jewish humor.  The following one (#2159) had me rolling on the floor, love it.  All the best,
[Asher, West Cornwall, USA]

I've just thought up a joke and want to share it with you. It is short.  First though, I want you to know how much I have enjoyed your website, so far. I have been laughing pretty hard from reading naughty jokes there. Thank you.   I simply thought this up out of the blue, about a week ago, and if you put it in your website, please acknowledge me by name. My best wishes
[Keith R, Minneapolis, USA]

Brilliant, David, and thank you (for the 127th set of jokes)! Just what I needed on what appears to be a tough day.  And just to let you know, and for what it's worth -
The last few years have been rather difficult, to say the least; however, I am now very much "on the up" again.  I could not have survived without two things.
1) The love and support of the lady who is still the woman of my dreams
2) Your website - the humour has had me in stitches in what other people would describe as being rather inappropriate moments!
And for that, I would like to pass on to you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!  You have helped me more than you can imagine!  Best regards!
[Steven S, UK]

Dear David   Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards
[Graham S, UK]

Hello.  I love your website.
[Emmanuel I]

David - Absolutely wonderful site.  I spent the rest of the day giggling over the jokes I had read and I haven't got past the first page.
[Peter B, London, UK]

I just want to compliment you for doing a great service to the internet community for bringing smiles to people’s faces.
[Leib F]

Hello David,  Thank you for sharing yet another good set of jokes - you seem to have an infinite humor!   Continue on the good work and keep us smiling!
[Joe D, Brazil]

David, I've been an avid follower of your Jewish Jokes series since your 3rd or 4th set.  Mostly I bring them to the residents of the Houston (TX) Jewish Geriatric Center, who also enjoy them.  In your most recent set, you have a limerick which brought back some wonderful memories:
(#2124) A Poem
A pharmacist named Abe Leisen,
So loved his bubbe from Meissen,
That to honour her name,
And propel her to fame,
He invented the drug Bubbemycin.

In 1950, my cousin, Bill Bobrin, a pharmacist in Detroit. Michigan compounded 2 items as simple pain relievers.  He named them after himself.  They were Bobimycin and Bobimyces.  They were great sellers for while, until the U. S. Food and Drug Administration ordered him to desist, since the  -mycin and -myces terms were reserved for antibiotics.  At least Bill got a bit more than his 15 minutes of fame.
Looking forward to set 125, et seq.
[Howard K, Houston, USA]

Dear David,  Priscilla and I hope the New Year brings abundant health, sweet happiness and much prosperity your way.  And, of course, numerous new jokes!!!!!!  David, you deserve an award for maintaining your web site.
[Asher, West Cornwall, USA]

Hi David. Recently my son bought me a present - your book "OY" where I found your website address. The book is a joy to read, and an excellent source of relaxation. I can only imagine the amount of labor that went into it. I would like to use this occasion and thank you for it.
[David, USA]

Dear David.  As the great collector of over 2,000 Jewish jokes my challenge is to send you one you have never heard. So far I have been unsuccessful. Here is one a friend just sent to me. Tell me you never heard it before.
[Jay F, London, UK]

Great photos....and I haven't had dinner yet. Thanks for sending to me. I'm sure I'll find some use for the pictures (and stories), but I'll need to give a gastronomic message sometime.     I appreciate that you compile those jokes, David. I tell one or two jokes before I start my sermon each week. Often, they are jokes I get from you. Thanks.
[Rabbi R, USA]

David,  I don't know how you did it, but you found the funniest jokes ever! My brother posted on Facebook he needed cheering up, so I looked for some jokes and found your site. After 55 years of being a NY funny Jew, I am can now be even funnier!  Cheers to you and yours.
[Ernie S. Brooklyn, NY, USA]

Hi David - I like your 122nd set
[Laurence F, Manchester, UK]

David, Blessings on you and your family during this season of Holy Days, and a personal and professional blessing upon you for sending one of the few e-mails that provides joy and mirth instead of trying to urge me and mine to buy more junk to save a faltering economy. P.S. Great humor as usual - some of which may find their way into a sermon!     And your joke, "the wise Rabbi," which is really not a joke, but a great moment of truth for those who embrace all faiths, reminded me of something I have said in several of my sermons over the years. You can be a Christian without going to church (worship), but you will be like a car without wheels. You will be what you are, but you will not go far. Shalom
[Rev John B, USA]

Dear David,  You always pull me in and up with the "example"! Regards and best wishes for continued success and good humor (in your eye).
[David B, Fairfax, Virginia, USA]

Oy vay!  So many jokes!  So, how's a man to find the one he can't quite remember?  I'm looking for the one where a guy gets into an accident and is then in a courtroom trying to prove his case for medical damages, despite telling the officer at the accident site that he wasn't injured. It's probably buried somewhere on this site, but where, exactly is unclear.      I finally found the joke.  I've been searching since my previous email.  Like I said, a SEARCH feature would be nice.
[Jack E, UK]

Hi David. I am so happy to run into your site. I spent the summer performing in upstate NY for Orthodox communities and I am always at a loss for some customization.  But not any longer. ,,,,,  I will read every joke on your site as well as try out the ones I think are best. And compare how they work in the Jewish crowds.   Thank you for the site .... Mazel Tov!
[John P, USA]

Dear David.  Fantastic jokes!  Keep 'em coming!
[Graham in England]

Dear David,  Do you have within your arsenal of hilarity, any jokes about the dreidel, gambling, Las Vegas or Atlanta?  I’ve gone through 32 sets of jokes and thought I’d reach out as well.  Thank you so much!!
[Kimberly H]

[Asher, West Cornwall, USA]

Hi David.  Well done yet again. Great stuff!!!!!  Laughing out loud. Keep up your excellent work, bringing joy to millions.  Good Shabbos.
[Laurence F, Manchester, UK]

Loved it! Thank you.
[Rabbi L, London]

I am putting the finishing touches on a Kol Nidre sermon and I was looking for a joke or two to work in to the presentation.  Through google I came to your web site and found a couple of jokes that I found particularly funny and potentially relevant.  Thanks so much--you've got some great stuff here!
[Rabbi S, Olney, USA]

Hello David. We stumbled upon your web site this evening and find it hysterical. Many thanks...keep up the good work. And, happy New Year!  Thanks also for finding the joke I've been looking for. We are still wondering how on earth you knew right off the bat which joke I was looking for. Amazing, that is exactly right. Thanks again, will have to look for your book on Amazon

[Ellen A. Chantilly, Virginia, USA]

Hello, I found your joke site; it is wonderful!  And thank you so much (for finding the joke I've been looking for). It's wonderful to see / hear that joke again. When my grandmother used to tell it, she would replace some of the words with Russian words and do it with a Russian accent; I think she did a little improvising, too. According to my grand uncle, it was quite popular at social gatherings. Thank you so much for helping me find it. Please let me know if you have any luck with the Rosie Cohen joke. It is quite hilarious!
[Meredith T C, USA]

Hi David, Just found your excellent site, and I need a joke about a mentche. I hope you can help.  ......... Thank you so much (for finding it), that is certainly service with a ‘smile’!
[Andrew K, sunny Bournemouth, UK]

(Re request for help) Superb!  Your efficiency is uncanny and remarkable.
[Aaron G, Toronto, Canada]

Just wanted to say thanks - the function went off really well and your jokes were a hit.
[Julian R, Johannesburg, South Africa]

You are a real mentch!  Thank you so much and Shabbat Shalom!!
[Ari S, South Carolina]

Great website!      As a rabbi who writes sermons, I find your site very useful.  Thanks!
[Ari S, South Carolina]

David,  I must confess that I read your jokes more that I read the Bible (before and after version).  My wife takes on that responsibility every week for both of us.
I could go on, but I'll stop for now.  Not many people impress me so much that I want to meet them.  But, now I can't believe that I'm a groupie for JJ.  My friends would ask, "Is he a 'rapper'?", no I would say, "He's a Jewish Jokester".    God Bless You David, and keep me smiling,
[George B, Fort Worth, Texas, USA]
Hi David.  What fun! I can sit alone for hours and laugh out loud with your book.  I have read and reread to many of my friends "Oy Vey More!" Some have since bought it.  The punch lines at the end of the book are a great idea, however, there's a major piece missing.  When I try to find a joke that I had seen at an earlier  time, I always remember the punch line, but without adding the  page numbers I hunt and hunt and often don't find the exact joke at the right time.  I love your book, although it did end a relationship. (That's another story!)     Cheers
[Rosie L]

Your site is a real beauty.

Hi David,  Your Yiddish jokes are too funny.
[Michael B, USA]

Thanks David for keeping me laughing (re 115th set of jokes).
[Malcolm S]

I love your site. Your humour has a British touch to it similar to that which I grew up with.    Be well
[Yonatan C, Ottawa, Canada]

Just like listening to my Dad. Brought back memories of my Dad and his jokes and story telling.
[Betty O, USA]

Dear David, happy Pesach to you and your family and, as always, many thanks for the wonderful new set of jokes
[Judy S, Aosta, Italy]

Thank you for keeping Jewish humor alive and well and for continually bringing new laughter to all your fans.
[Asher, West Cornwall, USA]

Ha ha ha, sorry David, not easy to type while chuckling but love your website. Suddenly realised your email address meant something so googled it and came up with the big laughs. What a great laugh and a great website. I have got to add it to my links because we all need a good laugh these days.     Many thanks for all the time you must have put into it.
[Dennis D, Gorleston, Norfolk, UK]

David. We were talking about you today while discussing British comedy with an English friend of mine. I sent her your web site and she cracked up from it. She is living in Australia.
[Lynn F, Givat Avnie, Israel]

I have had a copy of your book 'The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes' for quite some time and have been reading it regularly. I can say in all honesty that it is the funniest joke book I have ever read.
[Joel P, Australia]

David, I just received the weekly Aish.com "Jewlarious" email with the "A Crazy Knesset" joke you submitted to them.  This is one of the best.  I laughed out loud. Thanks for your efforts to keep Jewish humor alive.

[Asher, West Cornwall, USA]

Dear David.   I Googled "Jewish jokes" and came across your website which is the best and fullest collection I've seen so far. Thank you very much!!! I really enjoyed it!.
[Eugenia R, Vancouver, Canada]

Dear Sir.  I've read the set of jokes to the 27th set for now and I am enjoying them very much (even though I am a goyim).  I want to thank you for your excellent website.   Many thanks.  Mazzle Tov!
[Vincent L, Ghent, Belgium]

Dear David, I just finished reading "Oy Vey: More!" and found it just as funny as its predecessor, "Oy!" (which was: very funny). Kindest regards
[Richard S, New York, USA]

Hi David.    Your compilation of jokes is marvellous.  Thanks! They kept a smile on my face for a long time.
My great grandfather had a bakery in Pressburg well over 100 years ago.   The family story is that one day a yiddene came to complain that she had found a fly in the roll.  Without blinking an eyelid my great grandad retorted "Well, what do you think for the money you paid you would get rozinkes."    I think that may have been the originator of the fly and the rozinkes joke.
[Tova T, Israel]

Hi David.  Thanks so much for giving my wife + me so much pleasure. All the best in 2010.  PS. Why do you have a section of non-J. jokes?  There are potentially MILLIONS - how would you cope?  And why bother?
[Ron L, Durham, UK]

Dear David.  Every once in a while I run across humorous sites that I really understand and appreciate. Yours' is one of those.   Thanks for sharing.
[Victor Z]

Thanks for the laughs, David. Enjoyed your 110th set.  Pity about including the brothel one - spoils the tone.  But I am not consistent because I love joke #1982.    [And] if you don't already have them, here are some tales for you to embellish in your excellent, inimitable fashion.        Keep the great jokes coming.  You'll enjoy a wonderful reward when at long last you get Up There.  Looking forward to your next page of jokes on your site.
[Laurence F, Manchester, UK]

You are the original Egg Head of Jewish Jokes. I am back in New York and maybe on this side of the Atlantic I can pick up new Jewish jokes unknown to you in the UK.
[Jay F, New York, USA]

David, You must have every joke known to man.
[Nathan B, Australia]

David, A really great site. Really.   I read and laugh aloud. The gentile jokes are lame in comparison to the real humor.  I use many at work Jokes. Thanks for the laughs
[Tim R, Canada]

David, I am searching for a wonderful joke you had about the things children say about G-d….would you know where I could find it?   Many thanks and a job well done on a great site.
[Aaron F, Toronto, Canada]

Since I discovered your wonderful "Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes" I laugh on every occasion I read it.
[Ilan H, Jerusalem, Israel]

David, Thank you for all the fun and humor you bring into our lives. I am as proud as a Jewish mother can get (re your new book). You and your family must be thrilled. When the First Book Of Yiddish Humor came out, my parents bought it  and I have had an affair with Jewish humor ever since.
[Lynn F, Givat Avnie, Israel]

David Minkoff, author of Oy and Oy Vey, The Ultimate Books of Jewish Jokes, started collecting good (and sometimes bad) jokes long before publication of the books. He has been adding them regularly to his website, www.awordinyoureye.com, where fans have been reading, printing, and retelling them in every possible environment. We have friends who participate in a weekly Talmud study group that always begins with a joke from this site.
THE JEWISH JOKES OF awordinyoureye.com now number more than 2,245, and are arranged in categories. There are 108 sets of Jewish jokes, puzzles, material for speeches, Jewish jokes for children, naughtier Jewish jokes, and even three sets of non-Jewish jokes. Laugh a little!
[Jewish Humor Central website, Oct 09]

You are world famous. I received one of your jokes this morning from a retired guy, a former mathematician in Lousiana, who relocated to one of the Arkansas lakes, bought a house, and spends time fishing there.

David. Thanks for the joy you bring. I have many people who have groaned to your jokes, especially for the way they say I tell them. May the new year bring you many new jokes. They say, and I don't know who they are, that ALL jokes are the descendants of one early joke, and that joke has been lost to history. It's really a very funny one and all jokes since have been trying to capture, or recapture, its essence. It's probably the joke G-d was telling when He said, "be fruitful and multiply".
I understand that early jokes were very physical and unsubtle, and as time passes they become more subtle, and hence more removed from the original joke, probably a pratfall.
[Hanoch B]

Your whole enterprise is really a credit to you David. It must be most gratifying to have a widening crowd of followers.
[Hilary A, Australia]

David. May you, along with Andrea, continue to go from strength to strength, and to continue to prosper in all that you do to make us chuckle & laugh!  May the forthcoming year see many more additions to your continuous "book", with the heartily of laughter and joy that you have brought to millions, including me.
[Danny & Abby S, USA]

David, thank you for the work you do to provide necessary mirth for all of us in these trying times.
[John B, USA]

David.  Thank you for bringing some joy into the world - we certainly could do with it.
[Freda D, UK]

David.  Thanks for all the wonderful jokes which keep me, my father and friends entertained.
[Judy, Italy]

David. Thank you...you make a difference and the show must go on. Win the day.
[Dave M, USA]

I just love this site.  Thank you for the entertainment.
[George B, Texas, USA]

Hi  I came across your webpage while googling for "Jewish jokes" and really loved it ! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!     I appreciate the fact that most Jews I have come across have a great sense of humour, laugh at themselves and tell me jokes about Jews and are not touchy at all!    I googled for Jewish jokes after I read a book (which I picked in Goodwill this week!) called "A treasury of Jewish Folklore" (hardbound, 1950) by Ausubel. This book too was wonderful and lead me to search for more Jewish humour on the net.      Once again, thanks for making me laugh.......& laugh & laugh.
[Bharathy, Canada]

You have no idea how many of my Gentile friends all over the world are laughing at your jokes and getting to understand just a little more about all of us. Your jokes really are serving a purpose even higher than making people laugh. They are busting stereotypes and opening minds. I have spent many hours writing to people who are not Jewish, about the origins of Jewish humour and how in many ways Black comedians have the same root reasons for their humour.
[Lynn F, Givat Avnie, Israel]

Hello David. Found your website whilst browsing today and had a good laugh, thank you for that. I have lived in the U.S.A for the last 31 years and I really don’t hear too many Jewish jokes these days, everyone has to be so politically correct.   Best regards
[Anthony D, Studio City, California, USA]

Hi David.  I came across your website, awordinyoureye.  Great stuff. Thanks & regards
[Alex F]

David - that is one excellent joke (the cleaner #1936)! Altogether the 105th is an excellent set. Please mark it with a gold star!
[Hilary A, Melbourne, Australia]

Love your website. Cheers
[Jack G, Canada]

Mazel-tov David. Another gem of a collection (re 105th set of jokes)
[Asher P, West Cornwall, Connecticut, USA]

Start of some Newspaper / Media quotes about my first book
“Filled with gags for every occasion, from dating to entertaining children, this is guaranteed to make almost everyone laugh – if it doesn’t, I suggest you join the Church of England.”
[James Kidd, Hampstead and Highgate Express, June 2005]
“This would make a good gift for the Jewish humorist in your family. It would also be good bedtime reading for your bubbe.”
[Carly Kaufman, Jewish in St Louis.org, Oct 2006]
“Knock your guests dead with the funniest (well, some of them are, at least) Jewish jokes this side of a Catskills geriatric comedian convention.”
[David Shamah, Jerusalem Post on-line edition, March 2004]
“Recycles all the humorous one-liners and stories about Max, Hetty, Moshe and Yenta that, seemingly, anyone has ever told.”
[Aileen Jacobson, Newsday.com, Oct 2006]
“David Minkoff has a joke for every occasion.”
[Alex Kasriel, Jewish Chronicle, June 2007]
“This collection … is terrific and addicting …..   guaranteed to make you laugh. This is a great gift for anyone who loves a good joke.”
[Rabbi Rachel Esserman, The Reporter (New York), Dec 2006]
“On behalf of the 2007 Quill Awards, congratulations on your nomination for Oy! The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes in the Humor Category. Your outstanding work is a showcase of our commitment to bring today’s best in books to the reading public.     Selection of the nominees for this year’s Quill Awards were the task of the staff of Publisher’s Weekly, publishing’s prestigious publication of record. Your work deservedly rose to the top. We are honoured to count you among that rarified group of Quills nominees.
[Gerry Byrne, Chairman and Founder, The Quills Literacy Foundation, June 2007]
“This clever kosher compilation generates giggles galore.”
[Publishers Weekly]

The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes:  Next on our list is this collection by David Minkoff. One has to admit that with over 1000 jokes it has got to be the Jewish book with the best and amazingly comprehensive jokes. Guaranteed to split your sides, here you will find Jewish jokes on everything from relationships, rabbis, miracles, in laws, bar mitzvahs, hairdressers etc. Coupled with this are jokes for the reading and laughing pleasure of children, quips that you can use for a speech, tests of compatibility for couples that are dating and of course a section with naughtier jokes. A complete Jewish book of humor.

[From JewishGlobe.com]

Still looking at holy humor sites, let’s raise a glass of Manischewitz for awordinyoureye.com.  Such a Web site, this is!   awordinyoureye.com, based on the 2007 book Oy! The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes by David Minkoff, comes close to a canonical list of the genre.   More than 2,000 jokes are posted here, on classic themes from bar mitzvah boys to doting Yiddishe mamas to retorts against anti-Semites. Not unusual for a Jewish humor site, but this one seems especially easy to get around.        A very basic chart, almost mid-’90s style, groups the jokes under more than 90 text-based links — and growing; the last bunch was added just this year. Others, with sexual themes, are grouped under “Naughtier Jewish Jokes.” And a few dozen are just for children. (Don’t mix ‘em up!)  Minkoff shows a helpful side with sample speeches for wedding toasts and 60th birthdays. Also helpful is a glossary of Yiddish terms. At last, you’ll know when to kvell and when to kvetch.   Other sections are more serious. One offers some kosher-themed brain teasers. Another reports on the healing power of laughter. But you may wish to skip the boring, 1,870-word essay on Freud’s psychoanalysis of humor. 


End of some Newspaper / Media quotes about my first book

I have enjoyed so many hours of laughter reading your jokes. I send some to my friends and family and we enjoy them together. Thank you soooo much for sending them to me. I do hope you enjoy the jokes that I send to you.
[Ruth O]

Dear David.   I shall look into your new category (doctor / medical) as soon as possible. I'm sure it will be very entertaining.
[Judy S, Aosta, Italy]

Great work (re 104th set of jokes). Thank u
[Yossi G, Brussels, Belgium]

Hi David.  Bis hundert unzwunzig (till 120 ...) is not a good blessing for you, as I want to see many many more [jokes].   BTW we bless till 120 and 2 weeks. Why?.... We don't want to spoil the birthday party.   A great work you did again.
[Uriah, Kfar Yonah, Israel]

David, This is one of your best sets (the 103rd). I have been unable to get any work done because of laughing at these moments of mirth. The first joke I read to my mom and she burst out laughing…. I especially appreciated the one about Moses ….. Regarding Green Eggs and Ham, I first thought of turkey ham. There was a commercial that came out about 20 or so years ago about a Jewish young man singing the praises of this turkey ham to his mother. It went fine until he said it tasted like the real thing ….. The last one was the best good news bad news joke I have heard in a long time. I really needed those today. Thank you.
[The IrRev, Kansas, USA]

Hi David. Thank you for all the great jokes which I use on special occasions.
[Roy, Australia]

Thanks David, These (the 11th set of naughty Jewish jokes) are a riot!
[April, Florida, USA]

Thanks David, I don't know how you do it all. I am still laughing. You have no idea how many of us are now searching for a joke you have not heard; but judging from the amount of work in your site I think it a fruitless effort. I am addicted; sometimes I laugh so hard my kids run up the steps to see what is wrong. Fabulous just fabulous.
[Lynn F, Givat Avnie, Israel]

Hello David, Your new 'NJ' set is wonderful. Thank you for your good work.
[Asher P, West Cornwall, Connecticut, USA]

Dear David, I'm not Jewish but have a dear friend who's a rabbi and he recommended your book and I've laughed and laughed. I'm a liberal minded CofE vicar so often translate the jokes for my elderly congregation who love them. Do you have any tips on collecting jokes and how they've worked for you?
Anyway, thanks for the effort you've gone to. Thanks for lifting up peoples lives. Sincerely and God bless
[Marc P, UK]

Dear David   A few days ago I discovered your brilliant website, which is a wonderful panacea for our troubled times. I have only just stated exploring it.
[Keith L, Southgate, UK]

Hi. Firstly thanks for your website – mention in some of the jokes of Grodzinski and Lindy’s bring back memories of childhood, as I grew up in Willesden.  Although I didn’t realise until a few years ago that my great grandfather was a Jewish pastry chef in Berlin, I’ve always had a penchant for Jewish humour – possibly it’s ancestry playing its tricks!
[Peter M, UK]

My thanks to you for many hours of pleasure reading and laughing at your Jewish jokes!!
[Ruth O]

In appreciation for all the wonderful laughs my friends and I have shared from your site, there is this hope this joke is not one of yours already!!!
[Lynn F, Givat Avnie, Israel]

I haven't had time to go thru all your site but my brother-in -law who is crazy about your site sent me this joke; if you have it already, sorry
[Lynn F, Givat Avnie, Israel]

My mum told me about your website. Bless her for that!   I noticed several of the jokes say Hendon Road. It made me think that they were written by an out-of-towner who assumed it was like an extension of Golders Green Road. But no - it turns out you are from here too. But is Hendon Road even a road? Excuse my ignorance!!  Regards
[Esther, UK]

Ha, ha LOL, thanks David! I guess that Bent Cross shopping center or should I spell it centre(?) is the hot place for the Jewish in London town. Everything funny with Jews takes place there apparently. Shalom
[April, Florida, USA]

Mazal Tov on your landmark 101st set of jokes. As they say in Israel 'Ad me'ar esrim'.
[Simon, Edgware, UK]

Thanks for providing such a funny, entertaining website. Keep it up!
[Esther, London]

David. I have had a lot of pleasure reading your jokes. I read 1 that I thought was hilarious but I cannot find it again. It was the one about the wife going to the doctor and the doctor telling her all the nice things she should do otherwise he will die. Could you please let me know what page I need to look at. Many thanks
[David M, Borehamwood, UK]

Hi David.  As a fellow writer (composer/lyricist) I appreciate the enormous amount of work, talent and accomplishment that has gone into writing the Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes.
[Roy S, UK]

Hello David. Your website has given me endless mirth over the past few years.
[Ajit N, Bangalore, India].

Hi David.  Last week I have received your jokes website and found pages of some of the funniest jokes I have ever heard. Thanks
[Arthur H, Melbourne Australia]

Dear David.  Keep up your great work with humor. It is certainly needed these days. And Mazel Tov on reaching "100" sets.  May this be just the beginning of your wonderful effort. Shalom.

Hi David: Mazel Tov on your first 100 sets of Jewish jokes. It takes a certain kind of person to accomplish such an undertaking as this. I had all the faith in the world you would do it. Now how about going for the 200 mark????? Best regards
[Stan The Man C]

Love your website but a small correction re: Mezuzah's.  You actually touch the Mezuzah then you touch your lips (not the other way around).  Thanks for the great site and all the best wishes for Happy Chanukah!!!
[Melinda B]

Hi David.  Thank you for another wonderful set of jokes [#99].
[Peter B]

Thanks David, your jokes are like a ray of sunshine on a freezing cold morning here in the Alps, Warmest regards
[Judy S, Switzerland]

Thanks David.  More great stuff (99th set of jokes).  Best wishes
[Laurence F]

David. Have enjoyed your web site. Keep up the good work. Best wishes for continued success.
[Asher P, West Cornwall, Connecticut, USA]

David. I found this cute quote in a article that I was reading about the life of Victor Borge . I thought of you right away. "A laugh is the shortest distance between two people."
[Stan C, (Stan The Man), USA]

David.  Thank you, I always look forward to reading the latest jokes and generally pass them on to my brother-in-laws!
[Freda D, London, UK]

David, just what I needed this morning was to find your collection of mirthful moments to uplift my spirits. These are excellent. Thank you.
[The IrRev, Kingman, Kansas, USA]

Thanks, always enjoy hearing from you (re 98th set of jokes).
[Cheryl R, South Africa]

I took a look at my hotmail account... and there is your latest set 98!  Great stuff, as ever. I like very much the way you have redacted the jokes I sent you.  They read so smoothly - lovely style you have.
[Laurence F]

Thank you.   You give me a chance to smile, when all I want to do is cry.
[Eva, Canada]

I enjoy your collection of Jewish jokes very much.
[Howard K, Orlando, Florida, USA]

Great stuff (the 97th set of jokes), David!!  Well done once again. Thanks for your site. It brings me cheer which I pass on. (I once read that the best way to repay a favour is to pass it on.)      Happy New Year to you and yours and all your readers.
[Laurence F]

Dear David: I made an assumption you were from USA because of your sense of humor. All the English movies I have seen made me think of the dry sense of humor. Very funny but not like the jokes I've read so far in your book. I wouldn't have guessed you are a Brit.          Nonetheless, thanks so much for your return email.  I am really laughing out loud reading your book and then I look around in my house to see if there was anyone looking at me because it really is loud.     Again, thanks for doing this compilation which I will treasure.
[Bill K, Florida, USA]

David: My name is Bill K and my dad was also a kosher butcher and, primarily, a poulterer.  His name was Sam K and I was wondering if your dad might have known him.  Both my brother and I now live in Florida (so, where else is a Jew supposed to go?) and I just bought another copy of your book to give to him.
We really appreciate what you are doing.
[Bill K, Florida, USA]

Hi David.   There doesn't seem to be any Jewish joke that has escaped you!  However, I will continue my quest to one day send you a joke that you never heard, although I doubt that I will be successful!   Keep laughing.
[Carol, USA]

Dear David   What a wonderful site you have compiled; a real treasure!
[Raymond B, UK]

Lovely choice of joke - always appreciated
[David S, London, UK]

Hi David: Just read your 96th set of Jewish jokes and I think there has to be something magical in the way you do this. Move over Houdini you are being replaced .Keep spinning your magic. The world needs more of this.
[Stan C, USA]

Just read the 95th set of jokes and they get better all the time. Keep them coming. Laughter is  music for the soul.
[Jeanette, USA]

Today my wife called me at the office. She was suffering a panic attack and begged me to tell her some jokes to bring her out of it. I did a google search for Jewish jokes and found your website. I read several of the jokes and actually got her laughing! It really helped. Thanks so much.
[Jim B, NJ, USA]

Here we are all sick with winter colds so your jokes are very welcome. Thanks
[Cheryl R, Cape Town, SA]

Hi David, I’ve enjoyed reading the jokes on your site for a while now.  I am not Jewish but had a few Jewish friends when I lived in Salford.  Keep up the good work!
[Tony L, UK]

Teh-heh, titter titter, ha ha, guffwrr giggle giggle...luv to laugh. Ta muchly.
[Yaqirah, USA]

A short note from a non-Jew to say how much pleasure I have got from your web-page. My first introduction to Jewish humour was over 40 years ago when I was visiting some Jewish friends and an East-End Londoner called Solly came round. He had played a part in the battle of Cable Street demonstrating against Moseley, and he was able to tell one joke after another without a pause, seemingly for hours on end. I was so convinced by this experience that you had to be Jewish to do this that years later I firmly believed that Bob Monkhouse must be Jewish because he shared this ability (apparently he's not!).
An Israeli friend tells me that her father used to say that the joke is the only genuinely Jewish weapon. It is something for you to be proud of how little hatred there is in these jokes.
[Jeremy H, Norway]

Thanks Again David, Always excited to see more jokes! In this day & age we can all use the laughs! Keep Well.
[April, Florida, USA]

Hi David: MAZEL TOV on your 94th set. I laughed my tuches off on most of them. Van Gough was a great artist and you also are a great artist in your own fashion.
[Stan C, USA]

Thanks again for bringing laughter to us
[Cheryl R, Cape Town, SA]

Hello David.  My wife & I enjoy enormously your website.  Best regards
[Leslie T]

Hi David.  What a great service you give us!  Go for the century!
[Ron V, UK]

Ha ha ha.    Thank you for some good laughs

Mazel Tov on the 90th set of Jewish jokes! I don't know where they are coming from! But that's okay! So keep sending these sets of jokes! The 100th set can't be far away!
[Richard K, New York, USA]

Thanks David; this one (90th set) really gave me a laugh; Win the Day!
[Dave M, USA]

David, another great batch as usual. Thank you, I needed that!
[The IrRev, Kansas, USA]