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This is the sixtysecond set of jokes

(#1335) The system
Bernard and Issy are having a serious chat about women. Bernard says, "Whenever I see a woman, Issy, I give her a rating of between 1 and 10."
"So what," says Issy, "I do the same."
"But my system is different," says Bernard, "I score Jewish women differently to non-Jewish women."
"Thatís new to me," says Issy. "So in your system, whatís a Jewish 10?"
"Thatís a woman who I would normally rate a Ď4í but who has £1,000,000."

(#1336) Protective
Little Sam is bored. So he goes over to his mother and asks, "Mum, can I go outside and watch the solar eclipse?"
"OK, bubbeleh," says his mother, "but donít go too close."

(#1337) D-I-Y
Did you hear about the famous mohel Rabbi Bloom who ran his own PR Company? He saved his own clippings.

(#1338) Change over
Abe goes to see Doctor Myers and says, "I want to become a woman."
"You must be joking," says Doctor Myers.
"No Iím not," says Abe, "Iím serious about it. Are you willing to perform the necessary operations on me?"
"No, definitely not," replies Doctor Myers.
"So who will do it?" asks Abe.
"Well I shouldnít tell you this," replies Doctor Myers, "but I know the name of a doctor in France who can do it."
Six months later, Abe returns to Doctor Myers and says, "Iím so glad you gave me the name of doctor Jean-Pierre. Iíve had it done and I feel terrific. My new name is Sadie and I now function in every way like a woman, emotionally as well as physically."
"But Ö Sadie," asks Doctor Myers, "donít you have any emotions or desires left over from your previous life as a man?"
"Well now you ask," replies Sadie, "some mornings I do have this great urge to lay tefillin."

(#1339) Inevitable changes
Little Sam and Melissa are very good friends. They attend the same school, are in the same class and every day without fail follow the same lunch time routine - they sit down together, open their lunch boxes together and both eat their chicken sandwiches (their favourite) together.
Five years later, theyíre still following the same routine. But then one day, as Sam is eating his chicken sandwich, heís shocked to see that Melissa is eating a smoked salmon sandwich. "Missy," says Sam, looking upset, "youíre not eating a chicken sandwich. I thought you said you would only ever eat chicken."
"I still love chicken, Sam," replies Melissa, "but I have to stop eating it."
"Why?" asks Sam.
Melissa points to her lap and replies," Because Iím starting to grow feathers down here."
"I donít believe it," says Sam, "show me."
"OK," says Melissa and she lifts up her skirt and lowers her panties.
Sam looks very closely and after a few seconds says, "I see them too, Missy, I think youíre right to stop eating chicken."
Their new lunch time routine continues for another 6 months, with Sam eating chicken and Melissa eating smoked salmon. Then one day he brings in a peanut butter sandwich.
"Missy," he says, "Iíve given up chicken. Iím growing feathers down there too."
"Can I see?" asks Melissa.
"OK," says Sam and he pulls down his trousers and pants.
"Youíve left it very late, Sam," she says, "youíve already started to grow the polkeh (drumstick) and also the matzoh balls for the chicken soup."

(#1340) The wise rabbi
[My thanks to Frank R for the following]
Sadie has a problem so goes to see the very wise Rabbi Levy. She asks him, "Two members of our shul, Bernard Himmelfarb and Jacob Gold, are both in love with me, Rabbi. Who will be the lucky one?"
Rabbi Levy replies, "Jacob will marry you, Sadie, but Bernard will be the lucky one."

(#1341) Rachelís warning e-mail
[My thanks to Hilary for the following]

"Please forward this e-mail to all your women friends.
If a man knocks on your front door and says heís conducting a survey and asks you to show him your boobs, donít. This is a scam - he only wants to see your boobs.
PS  I wish I'd received this e-mail yesterday. I feel so stupid and cheap"
(#1342) Escorted off the bus
Leah is 8 months pregnant and gets on a bus to go to Brent Cross shopping centre. Morris is already on the bus and watches her sit down opposite him. Leah looks up and notices that Morris is smiling at her, so she immediately moves to another seat. This time Morrisís smile turns into a grin and she moves seats again. Morris is now more amused than ever and after Leah moves for the fourth time, he bursts out laughing and canít stop.
So Leah goes over to the driver and complains. One thing leads to another and soon Morris is escorted off the bus by an inspector.
As the bus moves off, the inspector asks Morris, "OK sir, what have you got to say for yourself?"
Morris replies, "Well it was like this. When the woman got on the bus, I couldn't help notice that she was heavily pregnant. So when she sat under an ice cream advert that said: -
I couldnít help smiling. Then she moved and sat under an advert that said: -
and I had to grin. Then she moved again and sat under a deodorant advert that said: -
I could hardly contain myself. But when she moved for the fourth time and sat under an advert that said: -
I just lost it."

(#1343) The Hebrew Lesson
"Hello Cyril," says Fred, "I hear you know Hebrew?"
"Yes I do," replies Cyril.
"I was wondering what the Hebrew for Ďhe' is?" says Fred.
"Hu," says Cyril.
"No one in particular," says Fred, "I just wanted to know what is he?"
"Hee is she," says Cyril.
"Who?" says Fred.
"No, Hu is he," says Cyril.
"I thought you said he is she?" says Fred.
"Yes, thatís correct," says Cyril.
"What is correct?" says Fred.
"Hee is she," says Cyril.
"I have no idea what you said. Who is she?" says Fred.
"No, Hu is he," says Cyril.
"I donít want to know who he is, now I want to know what she is in Hebrew?" says Fred.
"Hee," says Cyril.
"He who?" says Fred.
Yes thatís correct, but Hee is she," says Cyril.
"Who is she?" says Fred.
"No, Hu is he," says Cyril.
"Why do you keep asking me who is he?" says Fred.
"I thought you were asking me what he is in Hebrew?" says Cyril.
"Me?" says Fred.
"Thatís Hu," says Cyril.
"Who is me?" says Fred.
"No, Hu is he, Mee is who," says Cyril.
"I don't want to know who you are, I want to know who is he?" says Fred.
"Thatís correct," says Cyril.
"But Iíve no idea what IĎm saying," says Fred.
"But you say it so well," says Cyril.
"Who me?" says Fred.
"Why are you asking me who he is?" says Cyril.
"No, Iím asking you what is he?" says Fred.
"Hee is she," says Cyril.
"Who is she?" says Fred.
"No, Hu is he," says Cyril.
"Iím very lost. Me is who? Who is he? He is she?" says Fred.
"Very good, you said that very well," says Cyril.
"What did I say?" says Fred.
"Mee is who, Hu is he and Hee is she," says Cyril.
"Well if you must know, youíre crazy. I don't know who he is and if
she is a he, Iím sure I don't want to know her," says Fred.

(#1344) Dying wishes
Hette is dying and her rabbi comes to visit her. "Do you have any last wishes, Hetty?" asks Rabbi Gold.
"Yes rabbi," whispers Hetty, "I know you wonít like hearing me say this, but I want to be cremated."
"You know that is forbidden to us," says Rabbi Gold, "but because itís one of your final wishes Ė then OK. Is there anything else?"
"Yes," whispers Hetty, "I want my ashes spread over the John Lewis department store in Brent Cross."
"Why on earth would you want to do that?" asks Rabbi Gold.
"Because that way," replies Hetty, "my two daughters will find it easy to visit me each week."

(#1345) The after-life
Moshe and Rebecca make a vow that whoever dies first would come back and inform the other of the after-life. Their fear is that there is no after-life.
Many, many years later, Moshe dies and true to his word, he makes contact.
"Rebecca Ö. Rebecca," he says, "can you hear me?"
"Is that you, Moshe?" asks Rebecca.
"Yes, Becky," he replies, "I've come back, just as we agreed."
"So what's it like, Moshe?" asks Rebecca.
"Well Becky, itís like this," replies Moshe. "Every morning, I get up and have sex. I have breakfast and then off to the golf course where I have sex. I sunbathe and then have sex twice. I have lunch, another romp around the golf course, then sex all afternoon.  After dinner, itís the golf course again, then I have sex until late.  It likes this every day."
"Oh Moshe," says Rebecca, "you really must be in heaven."
"Not exactly, Becky," says Moshe, "I'm a rabbit on the Hampstead Garden Suburb golf course."

(#1346) Jewish haikus

(#1347) Course change
Max is a student at Manchester University and rings his mother. "Hi mum," he says, "I thought you should know that Iíve just switched courses and Iím now taking Psychology."
"Oy veh," says his mother, "I suppose youíll now be analyzing everyone in the family."
"Oh no, mum," he replies, "I don't take abnormal psychology until next term."

(#1348) New knowledge
Five years old Benny comes home from Hebrew school one day and says to his parents, "I learned something interesting at school today."
"Thatís nice, Benny," says his father, "What did you learn today?"
Benny thinks for a moment, then replies, "Daddy, have all the men in our family had their willies criticised?"
His mother laughs out loud. "Oh Benny, darling, the word is circumcised, not criticised, but either way the answer is still ĎYESí."

(#1349) Old cars
One day, little Rachel asks her mother, "Mummy, what happens to old cars when they stop working?"
"Someone sells them to your father," replies her mother.

(#1350) Conversation in a restaurant Ė part 1
Maurice and Sadie are out eating in the ĎBubbeh-Mysehí restaurant. Whilst Maurice is eating his grilled steak and chips, the waiter comes over to him and asks, "Is everything OK, sir?"
"Well," replies Maurice, "I asked for my steak to be rare, and it was well done."
"Thank you sir," says the waiter, "we always aim to please."

(#1351) Conversation in a restaurant Ė part 2
"What would you do if I suddenly died, Maurice?" says Sadie, "Would you marry again?"
"No, Sadie, definitely not," replies Maurice.
"Why ever not?" says Sadie. "Don't you like being married?"
"You know I do," replies Maurice.
"Then why do you say you wouldn't get married again?" asks Sadie.
"OK, Sadie, I was wrong," replies Maurice, trying to end the conversation, "Yes, I would get married again."
Sadie then puts on a sad look and continues his Ďinterrogationí. "You really would re-marry?"
Maurice doesnít answer this but just groans very quietly.
"So would you live with her in Ö our house?" asks Sadie.
"Why not?" replies Maurice, beginning to enjoy himself, "itís paid for, thereís no outstanding mortgage."
"And would you take my photos out of our silver frames and replace them with her photos?" asks Sadie.
"Yes, why not," replies Maurice, "that would seem like the correct thing to do."
"And would you sleep with her in our marital bed, where we conceived our children?" asks Sadie.
"So where else do you think we would sleep?" replies Maurice.
"And would she use my golf clubs?" asks Sadie.
"Oh no," replies Maurice, "she's left-handed."
Silence fills the air, then Ö"Oh, sh*t," says Maurice.

(#1352) Search party
[My thanks to Stan C for the following]
60year old Yitzhak and 65year old Hyman are pushing their shopping trolleys around Waitrose supermarket one day when they collide. Hyman immediately says, "Sorry. I was looking for my wife Sadie and I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going. I hope I didnít hurt you."
"No problem," says Yitzhak, "but what a coincidence. I'm also looking for my wife. I just can't find my Judith anywhere and I'm getting a little worried."
"So letís help each other," suggests Hyman, "what does your Judith look like?"
Yitzhak replies, "Well, sheís a young 35 year old. Sheís got long legs, sheís slim and she has.. how shall I say this?Ö.prominent breasts. She has blonde hair, green eyes and is wearing blue shorts. What does your Sadie look like?"
"It doesn't matter," replies Hyman, "let's just look for your Judith."

(#1353) Lost and found
[My thanks to Frank R for the following]
Nathan goes to shul (synagogue) one shabbes and Rabbi Bloom almost faints when he sees him - Nathan has never stepped foot inside a shul since his barmitzvah. At the end of the Service, Rabbi Bloom goes over to Nathan and says, "Iím very pleased to see you here today, what made you come?"
Nathan replies, "I'll be honest with you, rabbi. I lost my favourite hat about 3 months ago and I really miss it. A friend of mine told me that Kenneth Gold has a hat just like mine. My friend also told me that Gold comes to shul every shabbes, always takes off his hat before Service begins, leaves it in the cloakroom at the back of the shul and replaces it with his yarmulke. So I was going to leave after the Torah reading and steal Goldís hat."
Rabbi Bloom says, "Well Nathan, I notice that you didn't steal Goldís hat after all.  Whilst Iím very glad, please tell me why you changed your mind."
"Well rabbi," replies Nathan, "after I heard your sermon on the Ten Commandments, I decided that I didn't need to steal Goldís hat."
Rabbi Bloom smiles and says, "I suppose you decided against it after you heard me talking about 'Thou Shalt Not Steal'?"
"Not exactly, rabbi," replies Nathan. "After you talked about 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery,' I remembered where I left my hat."

(#1354) Thanks for nothing
One morning, Shlomo and Sadie decide to go out for breakfast. The waitress at ĎThe Walnut Treeí tells them that the special that morning is two eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns and toast for £3.99.
"That sounds good," says Sadie, "but I don't want any eggs."
"OK," says the waitress, but I will then have to charge you £4.50."
"Why," asks Shlomo, "it doesnít make sense."
"Because you will then in effect be ordering a la carte," the waitress replies.
"Do you mean I'll have to pay for not taking the eggs?" Sadie asks.
"Yes," replies the waitress.
"OK then, I'll take the special."
"How do you want your eggs?"
"Raw and in the shell," Sadie replies.
At the end of the meal, Sadie takes the two eggs home.

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