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This is the second set of CHILDREN'S jokes

(#C021) Head wear
Little Moshe’s dad asks him one day, “Do you know what the hat said to the scarf?”
“No, daddy, I don’t,” replies Moshe.
”You hang around while I go on ahead,” says his dad.

(#C022) Black and white
The teacher said to her class, “Does anyone know what is white when it's dirty and black when it's clean?”
Little Sarah put up her hand and said, “It’s a blackboard, miss.”

(#C023) The eyes
One Sunday, little Benny’s grandpa asks him a question, “Do you know what one eye said to the other eye?”
”No, Zeida.”
“It said, “Between you and me, something smells.””

(#C024) Dustbins
One day at school, little Max was talking to his best friend David.
“David, have you heard the joke about the dustbin lorry?”
“No I haven’t,” replied David.
”Don't worry,” said Max, “it's only a load of rubbish.”

(#C025) Monster?
Little Naomi said to her mum, “Mum, what’s got four legs and one foot?”
”I don’t know,” said her mum.
“A bed.”

(#C026) Music lover
One day, little Rifka went up to her dad and said, “Dad, I want to play our piano but I can’t open the lid.”
“Of course you can’t,” said her dad, “the keys are inside.”

(#C027) Letter T
Teacher asks her class, “Does anybody know what starts with T, ends with T and is full of T?”
Little Benjy puts up his hand and says, “A teapot, miss.”

(#C028) On the beach
It was August and little Hannah was on holiday with her parents. One day, her dad says to her, “Did you know that they don’t allow elephants on this beach?”
”Why, dad?”
“Because they can't keep their trunks up.”

(#C029) The race
One day at school, little Morris and little Henry had a race and Henry won.
Morris then says to Henry, “you won, but I know what you lost.”
“What did I lose, then?”
“Your breath.”

(#C030) The lion
Little Leah asks her dad, “Do you know what happened when the lion ate the comedian?”
“No, I don’t, darling.”
“He felt funny.”

(#C031) Walking
One day, little Sam is out walking with his dad.
Sam says, “Do you know what runs but never walks, dad?”
”I don’t know, Sam.”

(#C032) Night time question
Just before she went to bed, little Ruth’s mum asks her a question, “Do you know how to make milk shake, darling?”
“No I don’t, mum.”
“You give it a good fright.”

(#C033) Breakfast
One morning, little Avrahom is eating his cheese and tomato sandwich when his mother says to him, “Do you know what cheese is made backwards?”
“No, mum.”

(#C034) The fool
One day, little Isaac says to his dad, “Did you hear about the stupid fool who keeps going around saying "no"?”
”Oh, so it's you.”

(#C035) Cat food
One breakfast time, little Rivkah’s mum asks her, “What do cats eat for breakfast, darling?”
”I don’t know, mum.”
“Mice Crispies”

(#C036) On the river
One Sunday, little David is with his parents on a boat on the river Thames. His dad asks him, “What do you think sea monsters eat, David?”
“I don’t know, dad.”
“Fish and ships.”

(#C037) Afters
While she was eating her lockshen pudding, little Judith’s mum says to her, “Do you know what cries and wobbles, darling?”
“No, mum.”
“A jelly baby.”

(#C038) The teeth
Why did little Arnold wear a belt on his teeth?
Because he couldn't find his braces.

(#C039) At the zoo
Little Freda was at the Zoo with her dad when he asks her, “What do you call a deer with no eyes, darling?”
“What, dad?”
“No idea.”

(#C040) Can’t eat
One breakfast time, little Rebecca says to her mum, “What two things can't you have for breakfast, mum?”
“I don’t know?”
“Lunch and dinner, of course.”


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