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The following are links to some sites which caught David's eye and which he would like to bring to your attention

There are now many sites out there and some are beginning to become quite comprehensive in their content and coverage.
Here are some of them for your edification. I hope you like them.
The Bright site
Bright work with partner charities who have particularly tough communications' challenges and prioritise projects with people who have least control over their lives. Their work includes mental health, learning disability, health & communication. Bright help people express themselves and understand each other.And on projects that make people happy.
 The CDTORAH.COM website
Interesting site offering 100's of Torah lectures on audio CDs. Organisations and Rabbis receive royalties on every CD sold.
The website
A great site.
The about judaism site
A great site.
Uriah's photos of Israel
Uriah loves looking at the world and tries to find its beauty. His second hobby after photography is touring Israel. Uriah studied the Land of Israel at the school of tourist guides.
 Dave Meyers, leading USA Realtor
has been selling residential real estate for over 23 years and is one of the top producers in the largest residential real estate company in the USA.  His motto - “We may be as big as Goliath but we like to act like David!”  If you want to buy or sell real estate in USA, contact Dave.
 London Mini Coach Hire
Whether you are coming to London or are a Londoner in need of transport, Graham Blake is the one to contact. He's utterly reliable and client focused (I know, I've used him)

The Bubbinator
Not only does Estelle Seltzer write a great deal of poetry that she loves sharing, she also entertains Seniors with her Yiddish stand-up comedy routines. She says, "It gives me enormous pleasure and it is very gratifying to see others smile or laugh." You can even see her telling jokes on You Tube!
Your Jewish Fairy Godmother site
What does she do? Motivation, Inspiration, Support, Problem-solving. For life transitions, creative thinking, relationships, negotiating, marketing, or changes in any aspect of your life.
Your Free Guide To Israel
One of the great collections of in-depth touring info about Israel. This Website is a DIY guide to help those who like to tailor-make their own trip. It's produced by two nature & history lovers on their years of driving, walking, biking and swimming around this country.
Two very useful new Hebrew sites
 (1) Learn to read the Bible in its original language, with Israel’s best teachers
(2) A free conversational Hebrew phrase guide and Hebrew dictionary
Kippot, tallit, judaica & t-shirts from Israel
ZaraMart offers hand crocheted yarmulkes at rock-bottom prices from Israel; also tallitot, Hebrew t-shirts, Dead Sea products and Israeli Army items. Personalized kippot add flavour to simchas.
The Jewish Magazine
This great magazine  has been available online free for 10yrs. It always brings you a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable articles with a wide range of topics: Foods, Fasts and Diets, People and Poems, Humor and Holocaust, Israel and Insights.
Great Lateral Thinking site
This site is run by Paul Sloane, one of the leading lights in the lateral puzzles field. The link below takes you to his lateral puzzles forum where you can find lots of new and original puzzles. You can also find his books (containing lots of puzzles) by going to
My Jewish Learning
This extensive website covers many Jewish subjects including culture; holidays; discussions; ask the expert; weekly torah portion; practices; history; Israel; life events; beliefs; kosher; videos; and much much more.  Well worth a look.
Brian Minkoff, Photographer
Well worth a look.
Whether it's an intimate portrait of you or your pet, a small family party or large social event, why not check out Brian's web site. His work has featured in many national and international publications
Yiddish Dictionary
A very ingenious dictionary run by Ben Shaffer in Israel. You enter an English word and the dictionary sends back the Yiddish equivalent(s)


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