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KLT#21 The pieces of coal, carrot and scarf were used by Benny’s children to make a snowman. The snow had now melted.

KLT#22 Max must have heard her initial instructions. How else did he know where to take her?

KLT#23 A dictionary – ‘end’ is in the first half of a dictionary, ‘preface’ in the second half, ‘epilogue’ precedes ‘foreword’ etc.

KLT#24 It had been snowing and there were many more than 10 patches of clear tarmac in sight.

KLT#25 His breath

KLT#26 Benny was the murderer. He had placed a dagger made of ice in his thermos flask and he used this dagger to kill his friend.  The dagger had melted in the steam before anyone saw it.

KLT#27 Lionel’s horse is called Good Friday and Lionel was playing polo on a Saturday.

KLT#28 Harry had found out some days earlier that his wife was having an affair but he didn’t know with whom. When Moshe got into his taxi and asked to be taken to Harry’s own address, Harry naturally assumed Moshe was that man.

KLT#29 The passenger at the back of Melvyn’s car is in a coffin, which Melvyn was bringing to the cemetery by hearse.

KLT#30 Benjamin was playing Monopoly. He made the move and saw that he didn’t have enough Monopoly money to pay the rent on the hotel.

KLT#31 The surgeon was Simon’s mother

KLT#32 Because it was daytime.

KLT#33 The poison was put in the punch via ice cubes. When Isaac drank the punch, the ice cubes had not yet melted. But they gradually melted, poisoning the punch.

KLT#34 Hymie had the hiccups. The barman noticed this immediately by the way Hymie was speaking. Drawing his gun gave Hymie such a shock that it cured him of the hiccups. Hymie didn’t then need the water he asked for.

KLT#35 As there were only two tattoo parlours in town, Moshe assumed that each did the tattoo work on the other. So the first tattooist did the parakeet that so impressed Moshe.

KLT#36 Melvyn did a bungee jump

KLT#37 He was able to run to the ball because the other end of his lead was not attached to anything.

KLT#38 The match

KLT#39 It wasn’t raining

KLT#40 Benjamin and Hyman had not gone for a walk together and were within 30 minutes walk from each other when they got lost separately.

KLT#41 They are playing cards and Moshe has had a sneak look at Rifka’s hand whilst she was in the kitchen.

KLT#42 The bus driver is Sidney’s mum.

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